Why you should love healthy snacks

How to love healthy snack food at the grocery store.


Buy a large box at the supermarket.

Most stores sell a box of a certain size, so that you can fit your whole family in there.


Get a box for a snack.

Make sure you get a box with healthy snacks in it.

The healthier the food, the better.


Put your snack on it.

Buy healthy snacks at the checkout, put them on the counter, or put them in your bag.


Eat it.

It’s the most important step in the whole healthy snack menu.


Enjoy it.

When you’ve got your snack, eat it.

This is the first step.


Store your snacks.

It doesn’t have to be a huge box.

Just grab a few snacks, put the box on your counter, and enjoy.


Store in a cooler.

It will keep the snacks warm longer.


Keep the bag.

Keep your snacks in a plastic bag.

These are good for a long time.


Keep it organized.

Put a sticker on the bottom of the box to keep the whole bag organized.


Eat in the refrigerator.

Eat the snacks after you’re done eating.

The snacks stay fresher for longer, too.


Don’t eat them all at once.

Just add some to your diet, such as a fruit and veggie smoothie or a fruit salad.


Use them to make a salad.

Try to make your own salad at home.

You can get a few different kinds of salads from the supermarket and use them to add healthy snacks to your salads.


Pack them in reusable grocery bags.

You’ll have more options for packing snacks in your shopping bag.


Put them in the freezer.

They’ll keep in the fridge for longer.


Put in your freezer bag.

The freezer is the best option for storing healthy snacks.


Eat them in bulk.

You may have heard of bulk food.

This means you can pack a whole bag of a snack in a bag that weighs only half as much as a single bag.


Keep them on your coffee table.

Put the whole box in your fridge.

It keeps them from freezing.


Make them into snacks.

You don’t have a big freezer to store your healthy snacks, so make your snacks into snacks by stuffing them into a small bag.

You could also add some of the snacks to the bottom.


Take them with you to a date.

You might want to make them into drinks and snacks later on, too!


Enjoy your snack.

When your snacks are done, enjoy them with some homemade drinks or snacks.


Put some on your favorite meal.

The healthy snacks will keep your body healthy longer.


Enjoy the snacks.

Enjoy them with a cup of tea or a hot beverage and you’ll feel better and more full.


Keep healthy snacks on hand.

You won’t need them every day, but when you have some to eat, they’ll keep you going well into the night.


Eat healthier.

Don’T forget to enjoy healthy snacks as often as you can!

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