When do you go to bed? What are the rules?

The rules for when to go to sleep are all changing and the rules can be a bit confusing.

But if you’ve got questions about them, the answers can be found in the latest BBC Sport podcast.

In the podcast, BBC Sport journalist Jon Taylor takes you through the rules for going to sleep and the different ways people go about them.

What are the sleeping requirements?

Sleep deprivation: The maximum time a person should spend awake in bed is between 7am and 10pm.

You can only sleep for an average of 4 hours per night.

It is not recommended that you sleep more than 10 hours a night, or that you go more than 2 nights in a row.

Sleeping for more than 24 hours per day is illegal.

There is no rule on how long you can go to the bathroom.

When should you go?

When you need to go: You can go for any reason, whether you are in a car accident or having a bad day at work.

You should be able to go anywhere you like during the night, and you should have plenty of rest time after the time limit is up.

However, you should only take time off work to do this.

Your employer: The only person who can give you the permission to go into the night is your employer.

However the law requires your employer to give you a warning.

The warning is usually given in the form of a letter or a call.

The employer must give you two weeks notice before you can start to work.

This is known as the “notice period”.

What if you don’t need to be on duty?

If you are on duty for the night but don’t have a duty call, you can leave your car and go to your home, if there is one nearby.

You will need to get permission from the employer before you do this, and if you do leave without permission, the employer may still be able charge you for the time you spent.

If the employer does not give you permission, you must still get permission to leave and return.

This will usually be given within the first week of the new day.

How long can you stay up?

It depends on the situation.

If you are staying in your home or at home for the weekend, you cannot go to work the following day.

If your employer has a night-shift policy, you may be allowed to go home for a few hours on the weekends.

If there is a work-from-home policy, your employer will normally give you some time to spend on a work visit.

However if you are working in a shop, the shop owner may also be able provide some time for you to spend at home.

However this can be very difficult to find out.

Are there restrictions on what you can do at home?

There are a range of restrictions on how you can sleep at home, but there are some exceptions.

Some workplaces have “restroom” areas.

These are rooms in the premises where you can rest if you need a break or to eat lunch.

You cannot leave a door open in these areas.

You must not use any machinery or any appliances that are not in a locked area.

You may need to keep your belongings in a separate room to avoid detection.

Restrooms are not allowed in restaurants, bars, cafes or cinemas.

You are not permitted to go on the premises at night.

There are no restrictions on who can use the facilities.

The exception to this rule is in schools, where they may use a “sleep zone” for pupils who have been “sleep deprived” during the school day.

The rest zone may also include other staff.

You are not entitled to use the rest room at work, unless you have permission from your employer or the company has approved the use of a rest room.

Is it legal to leave your home to go for a drive?

Yes, you are allowed to drive on the roads outside your home.

You don’t actually need to stop for a traffic stop.

However you must stop at an intersection if you have to do so to avoid hitting another vehicle.

Does my employer have a curfew?


It is illegal for your employer (or your employer’s authorised driver) to take any action that puts you outside your work area for a period longer than 12 hours, or any action which puts you in a place where it is not safe for you or others to be.

Can I work from home during the Christmas period?

You can work from your home during Christmas, but you will need a “work visit” to do it.

Work visit: A “workvisit” is when an employer takes your job at your workplace and then asks you to go somewhere to work, either for a short or long time.

The work visit is usually a short visit.

After your work visit, you will have some time alone to relax and plan your holiday.

However work visits are not usually given

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