Vegan ‘spicy’ snacks to be introduced in Australia

Spicy vegan snacks are about to be on the market in Australia, after the country’s first legalised ‘spice’ and ‘chicken wings’ products were launched.

The new products are designed to appeal to those who prefer to indulge in spicy food or to get the taste of their favourite dishes through a less-than-flavourful combination of spice and sauce.

“The main thing about these spices is that they’re not too strong and you can eat them without any issues,” said Sydney’s food and drink critic, John McCollum.

“You can just mix them up with a little water and add it to some food, or just eat them like a normal meal and they’ll be good.”

Aussie food blogger Michelle Jones said the products were “perfect for those who are a bit more adventurous”.

“They’re really delicious and a great way to have some fun with the food, and get the flavor of your favourite flavours through something more simple,” she said.

“I love this spice because it really makes your meals a little bit different.”

In the past, Australian companies had been able to produce the products on a limited scale in some countries, but the Federal Government’s ban on the export of spice to other countries in the past year has limited access to these products.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has said that a range of other products, such as those containing a high amount of MSG, are also on the shelves.

It is not yet known how many Australian companies have applied to export their products.


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