How to spot a bugle bugle

An Australian woman is looking for a new bugle because of the decline of the traditional instrument.

The Queen’s Australian War Drum was the most popular of the six Australian war drums that the royal family owned and used during the War of 1812.

It was used by the British, Australians and New Zealand soldiers and was also used by Queen Victoria during her coronation.

In recent years, the war drum’s popularity has declined.

In 2014, the Queen’s son Prince Charles died at the age of 45 after having a stroke.

The Royal Australian Regiment (RAR) has a new war drum and has used it in all three of the coronations.

“It’s not the war drums you hear about now, it’s the Queen herself,” said RAR Drummer Matt McLean.

“We have no idea what the Queen is going to use it for, but we’re sure she’s going to have a great use for it.”

The Queen was not known to use a traditional war drum in her coronations, but she was seen to wear a war drum during the reign of the late Queen Victoria.

In a video made in 2011, the Royal Australian Drummer’s Unit’s website describes the Queen as the most famous soldier in Australian history.

“The Queen is one of the most important figures in Australian military history, and the Queen and her entourage have played a pivotal role in many of the nation’s most important events, including World War I and the First World War,” the website says.

“This includes the Battle of Sydney in 1918, the Battle for Melbourne in 1918 and the Siege of New York in 1918.”

But it is not known whether the Queen will use the war mike during the coronation ceremony.

“It may well be that the Queen wants to be seen using it but it’s certainly not a rule that we can impose on her,” McLean said.

“She may well want to use the drum, but that is up to her.”


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