Why Australia is a food desert: Australian snacks for those who love it

AUSTRALIA’S ANTI-SUGAR RESEARCHER AND SUGAR SUPPLIER says the country’s lack of sugar can be attributed to its climate and geography.

Melbourne-based researcher and food writer Jennifer McPherson, whose recent book The Sugar Crisis: A Country Guide to the Truth about Sugar, believes the lack of high-fructose corn syrup and other sugar substitutes can be traced back to the landlocked continent’s geography.

“It’s actually the way our land is,” Ms McPhersons told ABC News Breakfast.

“Australia has an area of about 30 square kilometres.

So you’ve got that big area of land where the rainfall is, which means it’s not raining much.

That’s not very conducive to producing lots of sugar.

And so you have these big, very fertile soils, and you’ve also got some of the driest and coldest parts of the country.”

While the sugar industry has flourished in Australia in recent years, the country has also had a problem with the amount of sugar it produces.

Professor McPheredson says Australia has some of Australia’s highest rates of obesity, diabetes and heart disease, but its lack of access to sugar substitutes has kept the country from reaching its potential.

“[The sugar industry] does get a lot of publicity and a lot more attention than the health industry does,” she said.

In her book, she outlines a number of factors that contribute to Australia’s poor sugar supply, including a country that has a lot less sunshine and a relatively low population density.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has said Australia’s lack is due to a lack of land, which is a key factor in the countrys sugar supply.

“Australia is a large landmass, so there’s not a lot to do around the land, and it’s a small area,” Professor McPhedson said.

“So there’s no infrastructure to transport food, so it’s basically a pretty barren landscape.”

She said Australia had a huge sugar industry, and in her book she describes how the industry relies on the availability of cheap, easily available land.

Despite this, she says, Australia has a large amount of food and drink that comes from foreign producers, and these have the capacity to contain sugar.

She said the situation is complicated by the fact that Australia is in the middle of an El Niño.

Ms McPhingson said the lack in the land supply is a big problem, but it also makes it difficult for the industry to access sugar supplies.

According to the ANU’s Dr Peter McCall, the lack can be blamed on the government’s refusal to make a “big push” to make sugar available.

“They’re really reluctant to make any sort of public policy push to make it more accessible, and I think this is a problem that Australia can probably deal with in the future,” he said.

The sugar sector is one of the fastest-growing industries in Australia, with more than 50 per cent of the industry’s annual revenue coming from overseas.

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