How to survive a snack attack

An attack on the snack menu of a supermarket is now being called a ‘sad day’ in India.

A worker at a popular eatery in Delhi has been killed and three others injured in what is being called an ‘assault’ on the food menu of an Indian supermarket.

The attack on Monday has left at least six people injured and some with life-threatening injuries, including the woman who died, the police said.

The supermarket in the heart of the capital city of Delhi has only three full-service restaurants.

The incident has been condemned by the Indian government as a ‘crime against humanity’.

“A shopkeeper, who was also a customer at the store, was killed in the attack,” the Delhi police said in a statement.

“The deceased has been identified as an employee of the shop.”

The attack happened at the Safeway supermarket, where the attack took place on Monday afternoon.

The store owner has been arrested and a case has been registered under the Food Safety and Standards Act, said a police official.

The woman who was killed has been named as a mother of four.

The death of the three other people who were injured has been reported.

The police have registered a case under the food safety act, under which the deceased was working at the supermarket as a clerk.

Police said the incident is being investigated as a robbery and the suspects are likely to be identified by witnesses.

Police officers said the injured person had suffered life-changing injuries and the hospital where she was taken to was called in to deal with her injuries.

Police are yet to formally identify the three victims and have not yet identified the injured man.

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