How to find the best French snacks

Costco has introduced a new range of French snacks and drinks, as it tries to make its French food even more appealing.

The company has unveiled a range of snack bars and drinks that are aimed at a younger audience.

The new range includes a range for kids aged between four and six, which is meant to appeal to families in the middle of the summer.

“The focus of our range is to offer the freshest, freshest and most delicious snacks, drinks and snacks for the holidays,” said Mark Taylor, chief executive.

“We’ve developed a range that is geared to kids and adults, with a focus on quality, flavour and nutrition.”

The new snacks are made from ingredients such as cocoa, rice flour and coconut oil, and feature flavours such as pineapple, strawberry and mint.

There are also two flavours for kids, one of which is a strawberry-lime flavour.

“When kids go shopping for snacks, we want them to be able to enjoy our range, because we know that when kids are happy, they’re happier and we want to give them the best experiences,” Taylor said.

Costco launched its French snack bar in July 2016 and is now selling over 500 different flavours, including a chocolate chip version of the popular Pop Tart, which has a chocolate flavour.

The snack bar has been designed with a range to appeal specifically to families and kids, with different flavours for each age group.

Cost, which sells the Pop Tart and Pop Tart Crunchy, will be offering a new bar for kids on Monday, and the company says that all of its bars will be available in stores by Christmas.

It’s been a busy year for the company with a string of new products.

The popular Pop Tarts range was discontinued and replaced by a variety of flavours, such as the Chocolate Pop Tart or the Strawberry Pop Tart.

The Pop Tart and Pop Tarte Tarte, which have both been discontinued, will also be on sale in the new range. 

Costco has also introduced a variety bar that will be sold to the public from the start of this year. 

The new Pop Tart Bar has a strawberry flavour. 

“We wanted to offer a range and range of flavours that are designed to be enjoyable for all ages,” Taylor told BBC Sport.

“With Pop Tots, the first one we launched, the strawberry flavour is great, but it’s not something you can get in the store.

So we’re really looking at all flavours, from strawberry to coconut to strawberry-coconut, and we’ve put them in this range.”

The Pop Tart has a pineapple flavour.

“The Pop Tart is great for a family of four to enjoy and it’s a fun bar, but we wanted to provide a range in that flavour to cater for all tastes,” Taylor added.

“In addition, we wanted a range which is more accessible, so we’ve also included an optional coconut and chocolate bar.

There’s also a chocolate bar that is available in the summer.”

The pop tart range will also include the following flavours: Strawberry, Mint, Coconut, Peach, Orange, Banana, Raspberry and Strawberry.

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