How do you stop them from selling you a pizza in crypto?

A couple weeks ago, a woman named Anja Kossak made headlines after she posted on social media a photo of a pizza she ordered at a pizza delivery company she was using.

The pizza was labeled “pizza,” but the delivery company didn’t give her the full price, leaving her with a measly $20 bill.

Kossaks husband took to Facebook to tell people about the incident, and his post went viral, receiving nearly 30,000 likes and over 1,200 comments in a matter of days.

A few days later, the couple was approached by a pizza seller who asked if they could “make the pizza cheaper.”

The seller suggested they exchange the “p” for a “s,” but Kossakhs husband refused, saying the “s” wasn’t a valid part of the pizza.

So they asked for an explanation.

“The gentleman explained that this pizza is only for the buyer to use as they like and he could not change the price to any other,” she told me.

“He then proceeded to offer us a price of $5, which was not in our favor as the price of the whole pizza was about $20.”

When she explained the situation to her husband, he was outraged.

“This guy is the type of guy who would do this to me,” he told me over Skype.

“It’s the same guy that would do it to someone in the grocery store, or to a woman who’s trying to buy a new baby.”

When I contacted the delivery service, the man told me he wasn’t even aware of the “S” in his delivery order.

The seller said that he had asked for a lower price and “I would never even consider this,” but that Kosskis husband didn’t care, and the delivery man agreed to change the prices of the delivery and pizzas on his behalf.

So the pizza is now $15, a price that is cheaper than what the delivery woman was asking for, and Kossiaks husband was paid the full amount.

This type of exchange is called a ponzi scheme, and it is a scam that has been around for decades.

The real reason the delivery person refused to pay the woman’s bill, according to Kossaks husband, was because the “P” in the delivery is not a valid form of payment.

“If you are looking for a payment system that can work without the ‘s,’ look no further than the bitcoin,” she said.

“Bitcoin, the most widely used currency in the world, is a form of cryptocurrency that has become widely adopted as a payment method for many individuals and businesses around the world.”

In other words, a pudgy little ‘S’ is nothing more than a scammer pretending to be someone else.

“Pizza delivery companies are a real scam,” said Mark Karpeles, an economist and author who writes about payment systems.

“People will give you a fake ‘S,’ or they will make a promise to pay you the money.

The money is then stolen.”

Kossack said that she’s been in contact with a number of online payment services and is currently considering one.

The first service she checked was Coinbase, but they have a history of giving the same price to everyone, including the buyer.

A new service, Stripe, is looking into this, but there isn’t any way for people to stop this kind of scam from happening.

When I asked Stripe’s general manager, Adam Ludwin, about the “pay to play” scam, he told my colleague in a phone call that he was “not aware of any situation where we’ve been approached to make this change.”

He also added that the company has no control over what is in an individual customer’s bank account, and Stripe doesn’t provide any customer services for the payment provider.

I contacted Stripe about the issue, and they confirmed that their customers “do not have access to Stripe” when they make payments.

“We’ve had this problem with people asking for a refund or for a credit check,” Stripe spokeswoman Jessica Soto told me via email.

“While we are aware of this situation, it is very uncommon for us to have such requests.

Stripe does not receive payments through third-party payment processors.

Our policy is to make payment transactions immediately, even when the payment isn’t available to Striper.”

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